Interior & Furnishing

The manufacturing unit was established in 2005 by Kashif Rashid who was based in the Gulf for over two decade and have represented leading manufacturers & contractors and have provided turn key interior and furnishing solutions to many projects in the gulf.

Manufacturing Facility and Technologies

In light of our vast experience of over 20 years we have selected the best combination of technologies and methods for providing every thing under one roof, most of the top Italian manufacturers are also having the same combinations for their manufacturing.

Transforming Technology

We are the sole representative of an Italian company for Pakistan and have transferred the technology, This unique & stunning technology of transforming any substrates like Wood, MDF, Gypsum, G R P, G R C, Fiber glass, Metals, Glass, Styrofoam etc into the most expensive Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper and other metallic finishes our principle claims that they are the only manufacturer of this technology and have transferred their technology to top furniture manufacturers of Italy, France, Germany England, Spain , USA, China, Japan and other countries of the world.

We believe that these advance value added finishes will not only help the local industry to produce highest standard of interior decoration products but it will also gives a great encouragement to export their products with high markups to the middle east and western markets.

Plexi Glass Technology

We also have transferred the technology of manufacturing furniture and staircases in Plexi glass from a top Italian manufacturer and have developed excellent skills and workmanship and are producing highest quality exclusive furniture and other items like Stair Cases and pillars / columns. Plexi Glass products are considered top of the range and exclusive furniture products in the western markets the main suppliers are Italian, due to the slow manufacturing process and short supply the prices are very high, this unique type of product is a mixture of technology and craftsmanship.

Copying Technology

Copying process is also very important for any good furniture manufacturer and we have adopted the same methods of coping are being applied by any top European manufacturers we have developed over 3000 ornaments, elements & motifs on our own on international standards for improving the designs and quality of our interior and furniture products, we specialized in sand cast and resin items

Wood Working Department

We have a full-fledged wood working department and producing top quality fancy and designer’s furniture, office furniture and architectural décor products.

Metal Department

Machining, buffing, cutting, banding, turning, lathe work, welding, polishing and pattern & fitting making facilities are also available in our unit and we have developed our own fittings and ornaments for our designers furniture.

Paint Shop

The facility of doing all types of paintwork is also available in our unit and we have developed excellent finishes for our products and concepts and have introduced in the market.

Product Development

We specialized in developing all types of fittings including furniture fittings, molds, dyes, office furniture slab end or designer’s operative and executive furniture, home furniture (like bed room sets ,dining set, consoles etc) staircases and architectural decors and other decorative products perfectly on international standards

Work Force & Staff

In our manufacturing setup within the one roof we have very experienced and trained staff and all the departments are supervised by the best craftsmen selected on merits. At Creative Connections, the craftsmen further enhance their skills through a complete apprenticeship program, which include training, art appreciation and styling.

We have 1 Manager / coordinator 5 Supervisors and 30 skilled and 23 unskilled workers in our manufacturing unit and at the same time we also have two contract supervisors along with their own work team for fitting and other jobs on sites.

Research & Development

Approximately 3000 companies related to manufacturing of furniture components, raw material, fittings, substrates, and machines were contacted during the period of one and half year for selection of material and machinery. All the required information’s along with samples and surfaces substrates, fittings and technical literature and other related details were collected, individual studies were made personally on all the samples and technical literature gathered from various companies of Europe, USA & Japan. Detailed discussions were held with the visiting representative of suppliers/manufacturers to our office in Dubai and during our visits to their offices and manufacturing facilities in Europe, product wise comparative study chart was prepared on the basis of competitive studies based on above studies and comparing quality & prices 27 numbers companies were finally selected for importing surfaces, fittings and other raw materials and components for the first phase of manufacturing. The same procedures were also adopted in the selection of technologies and machinery’s.

Aims and Objectives
  • The main idea for establishing this project in Karachi is to produce designer’s furniture, structural décor concepts on international standards and market their products in the gulf.
  • Provide consultancy & contracting services for residential and commercial projects on turnkey basis.
  • To introduce & transfer technologies from Europe and assist the local manufacturers in enhancing their quality, designs, finishing and making their products competitive and affordable and up to international standards.
  • Establish a high tech office furniture manufacturing industry for provide highest quality systems furniture with associated panels in attractive finishes and scientific designs to assist the local consultants in developing best working environments for office projects and to set trends in planning and designing the offices professionally and scientifically.

The excellence of our designing & workmanship of our products and concepts of providing interior décor solutions that we have developed during in this short time are being very much liked by the up market segments and also appreciated by our European and Arab friends related to furnishing business who visited our factory and model villa and witnessed the products and productions, have showed their keen interest in working with us.

Our Expertise

Planning/Interior Design

For facilities moving into new space or reconfiguring existing space, we provide overall planning and design services for workstation layouts that effectively meet the requirements of the employees involved. Our space planning services provide you:

  • Efficient use of space along with flexibility for growth
  • Effective use of existing furniture and equipment
  • Identification of new furnishing and equipment needs
  • Current and future costs controls
  • Interior space aesthetic recommendations, including all space and furnishings, colors, materials, and finishes
  • Open plans or private offices, collaborative spaces or individual workstations, call centers or professional workplaces.